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Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! I am Brian Brinegar and I will be your comic for the night… At this point I’d like to recommend that those of you with the special    3-D glasses put them on now….and feel free to poke around here to your heart’s content. Pretty Freaky isn't it? Check out what my shirt does when you move your head!

Show Dates are almost always updated relatively on time and sometimes are accurate. The video and audio clips are here for your enjoyment, but a word of warning! I have a potty mouth from time to time. These are not things you wanna be playing around Grandma…unless she’s ridiculously cool like mine.

The blah blah blog will contain my inner most secrets, my thoughts on life and all the little crushes I develop while growing up in this big wide wacky world! Or at the very least whatever drivel I manage to pound out on the keyboard before passing out on it after I come home hammered from a show….I bet we see a lot more of option two…

And of Course.. Mitch… Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comics and this is just my little tip of the hat to him…

Fell free to drop a line to me… if it’s funny or provocative I’ll post it… or drop a picture, especially if we use your camera after a show (I never have one!) I’d Love to have some pics on this Bad Mutha-SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!

And with that  * poof *  he disappeared…

For booking information for Brian Brinegar,
please email bookings@brianbrinegar.com
or call (805) 403-0696.